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Annual Service Subscription

Annual Service Subscription

Besides variety of research reports, we are also providing Annual Service Subscription in relation to the research topics that offer you the most value and practical up-to-date market information. Detailed product descriptions on parts of annual service items can be browsed through the search results page. Please see items indicated with “Annual Subscription” as reference.

Prepaid Accounts

In order to simplify and speed up the payment process, Hinton offers a payment processing services in which provides prepaid account service for members. Credits can be added to the company’s account, and can be used to place an order directly. This allows customers to receive the information they need in a more efficient way, as well as to allow customers to be informed about any special offers.

If you would like to get more information on our services, you are welcome to contact us. There will be someone available to answer your queries, and to make a more detailed description and explanation on our services.