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2017/11/30 2017 Screw Standards

DIN Handbook 10 DIN Handbook 10
Fasteners 1 - Dimensional standards for bolts, screws and studs – National Standards

2017-08, 8 edition, 762 pages, A5, Paper covers

This 8th edition of DIN Handbook 10 Fasteners 1 contains 90 currently valid German national standards (DIN Standards) dealing with the dimensions of bolts, screws and studs. It is the companion volume to DIN Handbook 362 Fasteners 6, which contains only European Standards – DIN EN and DIN EN ISO Standards.
For ease of reference and to provide the user with an overview of the contents of both volumes on fasteners, a list of the standards in DIN Handbooks 10 and 362, arranged according to subject, is also included.

Compared to the 7th edition of DIN Handbook 10, two standards are included for the first time:
•    DIN 6929:2013-08, Screws with coarse thread and reduced shank for captive applications
•    DIN 7500-2:2016-04, Thread rolling screws for ISO metric thread – Part 2: Guideline values for hole diameters (complying with DIN 7500-1 and DIN 267-30).

Since the last volume was published, 38 standards have been revised to reflect the latest developments in the fastener industry and the needs of our users.

DIN Handbook 43 DIN Handbook 43
Fasteners 2 - Standards for pins, rivets, keys, adjusting and retaining rings

2012-07, 4. Edition, 776 pages, A5, Paper covers

The 4th edition of DIN Handbook 43 contains 91 standards for unthreaded fasteners, such as pins, rivets, keys, adjusting and retaining rings.

The standards primarily cover
•    dimensions
•    design types
•    requirements
•    designations
•    technical delivery conditions

Compared to the 3rd edition of DIN Handbook 43, three standards are included for the first time and 29 standards are revisions.

DIN Handbook 55 DIN Handbook 55
Fasteners 3 - Standards for technical delivery conditions for bolts, screws, nuts and washers

2014-01, 5. Edition, 730 pages, A5, Paper covers

This 5th edition of DIN Handbook 55 contains 42 standards dealing with technical delivery conditions for bolts, screws, nuts and washers. The standards cover mechanical and functional properties and their testing, as well as tolerances, acceptance testing, inspection documentation and quality assurance.

Compared to the 4th edition of DIN Handbook 55
•    Two standards are new: DIN 34804 and DIN EN ISO 898-2
•    Five standards have been revised for this edition.

DIN Handbook 55 is one of a series of six handbooks on fasteners. DIN Handbook 45 “Threads for engineering” complements this series. This handbook is developed for manufacturers and purchasers of bolts, screws, nuts and accessories for bolted connections; mechanical and design engineers, testing departments.

DIN Handbook 140 DIN Handbook 140
Fasteners 4 - Basic and dimensional standards for nuts

2016-04, 7. Edition, 756 pages, A5, Paper covers

DIN Handbook 140 Fasteners 4 is one of a series of six handbooks on fasteners (DIN Handbooks 10, 43, 55, 140, 193 and 362). This up-to-date reference work contains 65 English language versions of currently valid basic and dimensional standards for nuts. The full-text DIN, DIN EN and DIN EN ISO Standards cover topics including:
•    Hexagon nuts
•    Square nuts
•    Castle nuts
•    Domed cap nuts
•    Weld nuts
•    Knurled nuts

This 7th edition of DIN Handbook 140 contains three standards which have been included for the first time and 32 standards have been revised for this edition. The three new standards are:
•    DIN EN 14399-2:2015-04
•    DIN EN ISO 225:2011-02
•    DIN EN ISO 898-2

As an essential reference work on fasteners, DIN Handbook 140 will prove a useful source of information on correct technical practice for students, mechanical and design engineers as well as manufacturers and purchasers of mechanical fasteners.

DIN Handbook 362 DIN Handbook 362
Fasteners 6 - Dimensional standards for bolts and screws – European Standards

2012-05, 2. Edition, 788 pages, A5, Paper covers

The 2nd edition of DIN Handbook 362 includes 60 European Standards for dimensions of bolts and screws.

Compared to the 1st edition 25 standards, especially those dealing with slotted head screws, hexagon head screws, cross recessed head screws and hexalobular socket head screws, have been revised.

15 standards (including DIN EN ISO 7380-2 and DIN EN ISO 12474 on hexagon socket head cap screws as well as three further parts of the DIN EN 14399 series on high-strength structural bolting assemblies) are new to this compilation.


July 2014

The 9th Edition has over 80 of the most commonly used inch fastener standards. Of the 99 8th Edition fastener standards, 48 have been revised and updated in the 9th Edition. This 1155 page book is the latest of the IFI Standards Book referred to by industry as the "Bible of the Fastener Industry" since the 1950s.

This is a "must have" for all companies that buy, sell, or install mechanical fasteners made to the inch standards.

JIS I JIS HB Fasteners and Screw Threads I-2017 日文版
JIS HB ねじ I 2017

2017-06-30, A5判, 968頁

収録規格数: 88


JIS II JIS HB Fastener and Screw Threads II-2017 日文版
JIS HB ねじ II 2017

2017-06-30, A5判, 978頁

収録規格数: 93

一般用のねじ部品〔小ねじ/止めねじ/タッピンねじ/木ねじ/ボルト/ナット/座金/ピン/リベット〕、特殊用のねじ部品 (ねじ 関連部品を含む)〔建築用/管フランジ用/トルクツール〕

ASTM V.01.09 ASTM Volume 01.09 - 2018
Fasteners; Rolling Element Bearings

January 2018, 100 Standards - 1010 Pages

This volume covers specifications for internally and externally threaded fasteners, and non-threaded driven fasteners. Also included are standards on rolling element bearings, establishing properties for bearings used in automotive and aerospace applications.

Important changes that may impact your purchase decision: All standards from Committees F16 on Fasteners and F34 on Rolling Element Bearings have moved from Volume 01.08 to NEW Volume 01.09, Fasteners; Rolling Element Bearings.

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