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Consistently accurate forecasts and analysis of the economic, business and investment climate in over 200 countries and 170+ industries to support strategic planning and decision making


We help clients around the world:
  • Market Sizing - identify growing markets and new opportunities
  • Market Awareness - stay abreast of changing political, economic, legal, taxation, operational, and security factors through our' Same-Day Analysis'
  • Strategic Planning – provide key inputs using our short- and long-term forecasts
  • Mitigate risk – Scenario and risk analysis that enable client to anticipate the unexpected


Country Intelligence



Country Intelligence

Industry Intelligence

A global set of comparable sector forecasts, analysis,
sector expertise, and ranking capabilities to assess market risks and opportunities

    • Harmonized views and metrics of industries and countries for accuracy, consistency and global comparison
    • Includes 95 industries for each of the 75 largest economies
    • Written reports to describe forecasts, drivers, assumptions
  • Product Sectors
  • Agriculture: farm, forest, and fishing
  • Mining: coal, oil and gas, metals, and minerals
  • Manufacturing: food, beverages, textiles, wood, paper, chemicals, pharma, metals, minerals, industrial machinery, computers, electronics, autos, shipping, aircraft, railroad, and scientific and medical equipment
  • Utilities: power, water
  • Construction (construction materials and machinery are in the manufacturing sector)